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Allergic to Dogs Prevention

Even though the information about dog allergies prevention contained in this section of the site is targeted at preventing or minimizing symptoms associated with allergies to dogs, it may prove equally useful for sufferers of a variety of other types of allergy conditions. It should serve as the foundation for an holistic approach to allergy control, on which the sections related to dog allergy treatment, both conventional and natural, are built.

What is the Best Way to Prevent a Dog Allergy?


Despite what you may read across the internet and may wish to hear, best practice guidelines concerning prevention advice for a person allergic to dogs would be:

If you own one already… get rid of it
If you are thinking of getting one… don’t

Preventative measure and treatment may be a trade-off considered worthwhile and unlike cat allergies that tend to be more severe, the benefits may outweigh the risks. However, if the symptoms are notable (e.g. asthma), the risks of having a serious allergy response or severe side-effects from stronger treatments invariably outweigh any emotional benefits gained.

Furthermore, allergies can develop at any time and change in frequency/severity; meaning that spending time with a dog now may not always be indicative that a problem will not occur in the future. This compounds the difficulty when buying a dog as symptoms may not be apparent upon purchase or even weeks or months later. In addition, it is possible for someone to have had a dog from a puppy, and then suddenly develop an allergy to it many years later.



Although the above may be the reality, for the vast majority of people such clear cut and unpalatable logic simply does not apply!

They consider that the unique relationship between man and dog is simply too strong and the thought of simply discarding a beloved ‘Fido’, or never owning one in the first place, is quite unimaginable. Moreover, given that the situation is not always so clear cut, for example for those whose symptoms are only mild or who are lonely and wish the companionship of a 4-legged friend, practical advice on ways to minimize potential problems is what is required.

Therefore, the tips and advice on preventing allergies to dogs will be set out as follows and covered in subsequent articles:

Allergic to Dogs Prevention
Allergic to Dogs Prevention | Practical Tips and Advice Practical Tips and Advice
Practical tips and advice on minimizing dog contact, brushing and grooming, hypoallergenic covers, HEPA vacuum cleaners, air filters and purifiers, and various other ways to reduce the build-up of allergens.
Allergic to Dogs Prevention | Communication, Boundaries and Other Considerations Communication, Boundaries and Other Considerations
Issues associated with good communication and letting others know about your condition, setting boundaries for your dog, as well as other considerations associated with allergies to dogs prevention e.g. concurrent allergies.
Allergic to Dogs Prevention | Summary Chart Allergic to Dogs Prevention Summary Chart
Overview of preventative measures applicable to both the dog itself and the home of the person allergic to dogs. Includes dog specific and dog related allergies and ways to achieve the desired aims successfully.
Allergic to Dogs Prevention | Allergy Friendly Dogs Allergy Friendly Dogs
In-depth look at the contentious topic of allergy friendly dogs; characteristics, special considerations, buying advice, how to care for them, and a comprehensive account of the various categories of allergy friendly dog including numerous images and interactive charts.
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