Allergic to Dogs and Allergies in Dogs Resource

Allergic to Dogs Natural Allergy Treatment

This section covers the world of natural allergy treatment from the perspective of people allergic to dogs.

Allergic to Dogs Natural Allergy Treatment
Arachidonic Acid and Allergies Arachidonic Acid and Allergies
Learn about arachidonic acid, its sources and recommended daily allowance (RDA), the function and evidence concerning its claimed benefits as well as the possible side effects and application to allergies.
Omega-3, Omega-6 and Allergies Omega-3, Omega-6 and Allergies
Most people have heard of Omega-3 and but less know about Omega-6. Find out exactly what they are, the Omega-3:Omega-6 balance, and in particular, sources, RDA, side effects and whether Omega-3 is beneficial for treating allergies.
Quercetin and Allergies Quercetin and Allergies
Find out about the naturally occurring plant extract quercetin whose name derives from quercetum (oak forest). What is it, does it play a notable role in allergies and if so, what is the evidence to support this view?
Natural Decongestants and Allergies Natural Decongestants and Allergies
Discover the interesting and diverse world of natural decongestants and the possible risks of using them. Includes nasal, posture, pressure, movement, moisture and water, heat, salves, balm, foods and drinks and Chinese medicinal decongestants.
Natural Expectorants and Allergies Natural Expectorants and Allergies
Though often confused with natural decongestants, learn about this distinct group of natural ingredients and remedies, such as licorice, that are said to exhibit expectorant properties.
Irrigation (Nasal, Oral, Throat, Eye) and Allergies Irrigation (Nasal, Oral, Throat, Eye) and Allergies
The word water immediately springs to mind when thinking of irrigation. However, when used to refer to allergies and the cleansing of nasal, oral, throat and eye mucous membranes, irrigation needs to be carried out properly to be both effective and safe.
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