Allergic to Dogs and Allergies in Dogs Resource


Allergy Friendly Dogs -Dogs Suitable For People With Allergies - Pat came into existence as a result of a conversation with bestselling author Pat Rice, who wrote the bestseller ‘Allergy Friendly Dogs: Dogs Suitable for People with Allergies.’

The possibility of using the book as a building block for a new project, which involved creating a comprehensive website to address both the issues of allergies to dogs and dogs with allergies, proved just too irresistible to all concerned. As a result of allowing us full access to the book and associated research material, Pat Rice made the altruistic decision to withdraw it from publication.

However, like a phoenix from the ashes it forms the spirit of, which as an on-going endeavor, aims to provide a growing and authoritative free resource on the topic of dog allergies.

Whether you are considering buying an allergy friendly dog or are an existing owner whose 4-legged friend is the source of your allergy problems, is here to help. Equally, tips and advice is at hand for those whose beloved dog may itself be suffering from allergies.

To quote Pat Rice, “The saying that ‘a dog is man’s best friend’ is known and understood by everyone who has ever had the joy to own a dog. A dog has no prejudice and will simply take you for what you are. As long as you treat it with respect, it will repay you a thousand times over with affection, and remain a loyal and faithful companion to its dying day.”

Dog allergies can blight the lives of both dogs and people but with sensible and actionable advice, the problem can usually be overcome successfully., in conjunction with bestselling author Pat Rice, is dedicated to this aim.