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Natural Decongestants and Heat

Heat can help relieve congestion by loosening mucus and clearing sinus pressure, and when considered in relation to the topic of Natural Decongestants and Allergies, this can take on various forms. For example:

  • Fever. As discussed in Can Allergies Cause a Fever (Pyrexia)?, the medical¬†medical fraternity consider that fevers associated with allergies are not caused by the allergic reaction itself but are due to related factors (e.g. secondary infections) that develop from certain allergy symptoms e.g. congestion and chronic sinusitis. A rise in body temperature can result in thinner mucus and reduced congestion.
  • Body heat is raised by movement and exercising.
  • Heat associated with steam techniques and vaporizers.

Natural  Decongestants and Heat

Other forms include:

  • Applying a warm damp compress.¬†
  • Food or drinks that are served warm or hot e.g. hot ginger tea, hot chicken soup.
  • As noted in How do Natural Decongestant Foods and Drinks Work?, certain ingredients contain natural decongestant irritants such as capsaicin or allyl isothiocyanate. Compounds such as these feel hot when consumed and they can help stimulate mucus flow thereby facilitating congestion clearance.
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